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Subtleness is next to godliness


I’m a copywriter. I was at a meeting with a pair of clients who weren’t happy with what I produced for their brochure.

Client: (1) We don’t like your writing. It’s too ballsy, braggy and makes us look like we are too full of ourselves.

Client:  (2) Yeah, yeah. Tone it down. You make us seem as if we show off. Be subtle!

Me: Ok, I’m hearing you. Let me know what you want me to point out about your motorbikes…”

Client: (1) Well… we invented the category, now we reinvented it again, as we always do when we launch a new product. There’s literally no one close to our product’s standard. It’s unparalleled. There’s no terrain or turf worldwide that our bikes can’t handle. They’re the ultimate in any and all aspects. Basically, every part is new, redesigned, or both.

Client: (2) Be sure to repeat all this -

Client: (1) But this time be subtle!

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this photo reminds me of a story about my great aunt, a guy came into her house when she was there and she saw him and instead of being scared or whatever she invited him to sit down for a cup of tea and he said ‘yes’ and she told him that he shouldn’t be breaking into ppl’s homes and stealing things and he should be ashamed and he cried and she comforted him and then he left and the next day the guys mother rang her and thanked her bcos what she said actually helped him to see how bad of a person he was becoming

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*sits down next to you and sympathetically looks into your eyes* i don’t care

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oh shtttt


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What happens when teens are home aloneAccording to social media: wild and crazy party time!
Me: fuck yeah I can take my headphones off


I laughed so hard I almost got kicked out of the theatre because of this fuck you Fury 

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Chris Evans was cast as both The Human Torch and Captain America because of reasons.

more like the human crotch and captain ass-merica

this is an important gifset

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